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*New Vessel building Jobs:
Supplying Lifeboats and davits for new vessel building,Such as  FRP totally enclosed lifeboat ,FRP Freefall Lifeboat,(Fast) rescue boat and 
Gravity luffing arm type davit for totally enclosed lifeboat,free fall lifeboat launching appliances, Single arm rescue boat davit,single arm fast rescue boat davit,A frame davit for fast recue boat,offshore platform davit,gravity overhead rolling type davit,connecting road type davit for totally enclosed lifeboat,gravity rolling type davit for totally enclosed lifeboat,hydraulic luffing arm type davit for lifeboat,gravity telescopic type davit for lifeboat,lifeboat winch,lifeboat and rescue boat winch and so on.
*Offshore projects:
Supplying 4.9m to 14.5m FRP free fall lifeboat, 8.5m to 11.7 Totally enclosed lifeboat, Fast inbuilt engine rescue boat and offshore platform davits for the offshore works.
*Vessel Repairing Jobs:
Supply for the FRP lifeboat,FRP free fall lifeboat,Lifeboat davit,and their spares and other related spares requested,Such as lifeboat seatbelts,Lifeboat hooks,lifeboat cables and so on.
*Lifeboat and davit repairing Jobs:
Annual inspection and  5-yearly annual inspection.lifeboat and davit spares offering,
*Lifeboat engine spares offering:
Supplying BUKH DV29,DV36 engine spares, Yanmar engine spares, 380J-3 ,485J -3spares, Such as the hydraulic starter, starting panel and so on......
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