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EC/CCS Thermal Protective Aid


EC/CCS Thermal Protective Aid

Country of Original:EC/CCS


Supplier:Shanghai Henze Marine Service Co,.Ltd

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Thermal protective aid requested for life saving appliances in compliance with SOLAS 1974 requirements.
The design assessment is based on IMO Res.MSC 48(66) as amended .
TPA provided  is made of a waterproof material having a thermal conductance of not more than 7800W(m2.K) and is constructed that when used to enclose a person .
 It can cover the whole body of persons of all sizes wearing a lifejacket with the exception of the face .
Material:  Aluminium film + Polyester Oxford Spinning
Size: 2000*980mm
Fabric watertight integrity: 2m Water column
Thermal conductivity: 7800W/(cm2.k)
Certificate:EC and CCS


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